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About Netchef™

Netchef™ is an innovative smart kitchen gateway developed by Sungale. This is a networked recipe with over 500 recipes preloaded, and the content can be updated via cloud technology constantly. On the left part of the screen, with elaborately classified food categories and touch screen operation, you can easily select a kind of food recipe you like, and on the right part of the screen, touch on the screen, you can search and watch cooking video, search and mount cooking apps and recipe websites on Netchef™ as your pleasure, you can order and receive RSS cooking news. Timer and Unit Converter are available on the bottom of every recipe pages to assist your cooking. The elegant design of Netchef™ shines your kitchen counter. You can also enjoy music while cooking with the two high quality speakers on Netchef™. View photos of your friends and family in your kitchen? Yes, Netchef™ will play your favorite photos. Check weather? Yes, touch on Netchef™. Look for a restaurant? Surf the internet? Watch a movie? Yes, Netchef™ provides all the services to you.

Netchef™ links to internet wirelessly, what you need to do is to plug the cable into the power socket to power on, then choose your Wi-Fi network, and it's permanently saved. Hi-resolution screen to display all finest images. Built-in memory for you to store all your favorite recipes, and external memory can be expanded up to 32GB.

Netchef™ will bring happy to you and will modernize your kitchen work.

About Sungale

Founded its US office in 2001, Sungale, with its production facilities located in Shenzhen, China, has been in the US market for 10 years.  Sungale is a premier designer and manufacturer of Digital Products, with many years of experience as an OEM supplier and leading supplier of state-of-the-art digital products. Sungale is committed to actively keeping pace with today’s rapid innovations in the field of Digital Products. Through our devotion to cutting-edge technology, exceedingly stringent quality control system and dedication to customer satisfaction, Sungale’s products are known for their superior durability, applicability and affordability.