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1. What is Netchef?

Netchef is an innovative Smart Kitchen Gateway that let’s everyone from master chef’s to novice cooks look up recipes of meals for any occasion. Simply use your finger to press on Netchef’s touch screen to guide through the user friendly menu and choose any recipe that makes your mouth water from a selection of meats, appetizers, side dishes, vegetables, desserts, and more!

2. I am not very good with computers and gadgets. How hard will it be to set up and use Netchef?

Plug Netchef into any nearby power outlet, and it will start up. After 45 seconds of booting, the home page will appear. Press on the Category List on the left part of the screen, and you will see the local recipes that are preloaded in the Netchef. To access more recipes, link to the internet by pressing on the Wi-Fi icon on the bottom line of the screen, then, follow the instructions on the screen, and you will easily be able to link to internet wirelessly. For more details, please look at the Quick Start Guide packed in the box.

3. I don’t have a Wi-Fi wireless router. Will Netchef still work?

Yes, you can still choose recipes from Netchef’s local recipes selection and utilize other basic functions such as My Favorite recipes, music, videos, and photos that are stored in your Netchef. However, to take advantages of additional internet features and applications, a Wi-Fi connection is needed.

4. What is a wireless router? How do I know if a wireless router in my home?

A wireless router is a device that performs the functions of an internet router but also includes the functions of a wireless access point and a network switch. They are commonly used to allow access to the Internet or a computer network without the need for a cabled connection. If anyone in your household is able to wirelessly connect their laptop to access the internet at home, then you should have had a wireless router in the house.

5. How do I get recipes on the Netchef?

When the home page appears on the screen, press one of the Recipe Categories Listed on the left part of the screen, and you will find an assortment of recipes, within it, press on any image, the recipe will appear. This is a touch screen operating device with very friendly interfaces, so no matter what you see on the screen, press on it, and you will find it is easy to operate it.

6. How many recipes does Netchef have?

Netchef has preloaded 500 recipes, and since our cloud database is always being updated by the content provider, it will have an unlimited supply of recipes. You can also take advantage of the preloaded cooking websites and cooking apps to access many more available recipes.

7. Can I add my own recipes to NetChef?

Netchef has 2GB of internal memory to store your own recipes, and the external memory can be extended to 32GB by SD card. If your recipe is in video format, you can play it by pressing on the Cooking Video icon on the bottom line of the home page. If your recipe is in photo format, you can find and display it by pressing on the Gallery icon. If your recipe is in text formats, you can use the Reader preloaded to open and read it. If you like to share your recipe with other Netchef users and want it to appear on the categories of Netchef, our database will be open for all very soon, when it is ready, we will advise you on the home page of Netchef.

8. Does Netchef have a My Favorite folder? How can I access it?

Yes, Netchef has a My Favorite folder for users to store recipes that are found from the categories. Press on any category on the left part of the home screen, you will find My Favorite at the bottom on the next screen.

9. Can I save my favorite recipe that is found in the categories?

Yes. When you have opened and are viewing a recipe, press on the “+” button in front of the recipe name area, then, this recipe will be saved in your Netchef’s favorite folder.

10. Can I delete some of my favorite recipes?

Yes. Go into your Netchef’s favorite folder, press and hold on the recipe you’d like to delete, for 3 seconds, and you’ll be prompted whether to remove that recipe from favorite, Press “Yes” to confirm deletion, or “No” to cancel.

11. How do I search for a recipe in Netchef?

Press on one of the categories listed on the left side of Netchef’s main screen, on the next screen, and you’ll see five icons at the bottom. Press on “search” icon, and input the recipe name you’d like to search for, a list of relevant recipes will then be displayed.

12. What are cooking apps?

Cooking apps are an abbreviation of “Cooking applications”. Cooking apps usually are developed by the cooking websites for mobile devices. Cooking apps listed on the right side of Netchef’s main screen are free popular cooking apps developed by third-party providers.

13. Can I install more cooking apps?

Yes. Set up your Netchef Wi-Fi connection, then go to Netchef main screen, press the “+” button on the right side, next to “Cooking Apps”, available cooking apps will be listed, choose the one you’d like to install. Netchef has to say the current cooking apps are limited and the quality is not good enough. Netchef encourages users to contact cooking websites they are familiar with to ask them to develop suitable apps for Netchef, which will benefit everyone.

14. Why I don’t see some of the popular cooking apps like Epicurious?

It’s because some cooking apps like Epicurious do not provide suitable version to support Netchef’s 8” screen.

15. I like listening to music while cooking. Can Netchef play my favorite music?

Yes, Netchef has been equipped two hi-fi speakers for you to listen to music in wonderful quality while you are cooking.

16. Can NetChef play my cooking video?

Yes, press on the Cooking Video icon on the home page, and you can play your cooking video stored in the internal memory or SD card.

17. Can NetChef display my photos?

Yes, press on the Gallery icon on the home page, and you can display your photos stored in the internal memory or SD card.

18. I noticed there is a USB cable that comes with NetChef? What can I do with it?

The USB cable is used to connect Netchef to your computer to transfer your video, music, photos to Netchef’s internal memory.

19. After I press a website or app icon, why does it show “checking your connection before it can work”?

All the apps are third-party software kits that are used to link to the related internet websites. When you press a website or app, Netchef need to access internet to find the related websites. If your Netchef find the internet connection is failed, it will show “Checking your connection before it can work”. If your Netchef has been under connecting internet situation, the prompt will not appear.

20. Why does Netchef sometimes not respond immediately after I press the screen?

The slow response mostly happens when you want to do an internet related operation. If the website you want to visit is very busy, the response time of Netchef will slower. The response is also depended on your internet service providers.

21. How and where can I get a Netchef?

Netchef is a new kitchen appliance, we are trying to setup the sales networks. Certainly, you can find Netchef at online stores such as Amazon.