Netchef - Product Features

Netchef has preloaded over 500 recipes, and the content can be expanded and updated momentarily from the Internet via Cloud technology. Netchef automatically synchronizes recipes with whenever Wi-Fi is connected.

Unlimited Recipes

Netchef is Wi-Fi enabled, linking to internet is very easy, just click on the Wi-Fi setting on your Netchef main screen, select the Wi-Fi network you’d like to connect to, and input the password if necessary, done! Netchef memorizes all the routers that have been used, next time when you power on Netchef, it’ll automatically get connected.

Internet Connectivity

Thinking of orgnize your own recipe contents? No problem, you can store text, picture, or video recipes in your Personal Recipe folder.

Cooking Video

There are tons of recipe websites and cooking apps on the market, and your choice is unlimited. Netchef is able to access the recipe websites and install cooking apps, thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Cooking Apps

Making a brunch or a complex holiday meal? Simply find each recipe you want and add it to your Favorite Folder. They'll be waiting for you in your favorite folder that you can easily flip through as you cook.

Favorite Folder

Throw away your cook books and stop risking your smart phone near the sink in your kitchen, Netchef is water-proof, fire-proof, and easy to clean. The sleek design of NetChef™ also adds elegance on your kitchen counter.

Kitchen Safe

Why clutter your counter with gadgets? Netchef comes with built-in timers! No need to juggle cooking times. The Netchef timers will notify you with tones as each cooking time expires.


Don't remember how many quarts are in a gallon? Netchef has equipped with a unit conversion tool which quickly converts a portion from one measurement to another.


Waiting for a cooking dish could be boring, why not turn on your favorite radio, and browsing through your memorable pictures? Netchef has installed Pandora, just log in and listen to your personalized radios. You can also load up your favorite music and pictures by connecting Netchef to your computer, or inserting a loaded SD card.

Music and Pictures